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Newest member to our family.

Everyone Meet lana!

Lana our dog

We meet up with Lana’s previous owner (Justin) who was looking for someone to give here a loving home as he would be moving around constantly over the next couple of months and didnt want to put Lana through all of that hassle…

We meet Lana & her owner at the Rose Tree Park in Media, PA and I must say it is huge and beautiful! We sat and walked around with Lana to talk about what she liked and disliked so we would know what we were in store for. Turns out she likes long car rides, knows some commands and is very protective! She is used to walking off the leash but here in the city we will be getting her used to it quickly because it is safer for her…

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She is getting along swell with her new sisters (two Chihuahua/Pekinese mixs) Taco & Salsa and should be playing together any second now. Our little dogs have been the only pets in the house for so long it was hard for them to open up to Lana but it is coming along…

Our first night it was not too bad as she was tired but a little uneasy because she was in a new home but we all got some sleep and very greatful that there were no accidents inside the house!!! Thanks Justin, you did a good job at training Lana with commands and potty training.

We’re gonna take a ride to Monster Pets today to let Lana pick out a few new toys and a new traing collar. She has great potential for learning way more then the usual commands like sit, down and shake.

Well, this was just an introdution to Lana and I will be posting more pics & updates about her in the coming weeks. STAY TUNED!


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